DSF members' picnic

The diabetes-support.org.uk forum is open to ALL people who want to discuss diabetes, and everyone is very welcome, but our focus is mainly on the UK NHS system.

Diabetes-support.org.uk is unique among the main UK diabetes forums in that it is member-run and is entirely non-commercial, is not aligned to any organisation and does not gain revenue from advertising, use of mailing lists or sponsorship from commercial interests.

Whilst diabetes is the same the world over, the health systems vary in different countries. Treatment of diabetes in the UK is very much at the mercy of the individual PCTs (Primary Care Trusts) and can vary from one town or region to another, and therefore UK diabetics have a need for support and advice on a very specific health system, the National Health Service or NHS as it is better known.

We have set up this forum to provide that friendly mutual support.

If you are newly diagnosed you will have many many questions and we have tried to put together some resources on these pages to help you understand and put things into perspective.

Click on any of the links to find a brief description or explanation of the subject together with links to other resources. Or feel free to jump right in and ask questions in our friendly forums.

DISCLAIMER: Please assume no member of the forum has a medical background. We accept no liability if someone chooses to take advice without asking their medical team first.

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