Your GP’s cribsheet

Forum users have often wondered why they are diagnosed or treated the way they are. In most cases the GP runs through a protocol – or series of protocols – handed down from on high.

The ‘instructions’ will vary by PCT. But what follows is fairly typical of the piece of paper your GP will have in front of her/him. (You may notice, for example, that this notional PCT doesn’t routinely use glucose tolerance tests, relying instead on fasting blood glucose.)

Note: this chart may only make sense to those reasonably well versed in the various diabetes medications and tests. Don’t worry if it’s double-Dutch to you or if your GP doesn’t seem to follow the pathways exactly. It’s more for the interest of those who like to know such things. Also, some of the drugs may no longer be available, some may have been replaced by others and some news ones may now exist. Those who are interested in the details of the T2 treatment pathway will probably understand where they fit into an updated plan.

*The images may be somewhat squished unless your browser window is madeĀ  wide: alternatively you can click on either of the charts and they will open in a new browser window.


Typical diabetes diagnosis pathway

T2 medication pathway