Mylife OmniPod


omnipod PDM

Omnipod PDM

The PDM – Specifications

7 basal programmes (24 segments in 30-minute increments)
Min. and max. basal rate: 0.05 u/h and 30 u/h
Basal flow rate: 0.05 unit increments
Temporary basal (% or u)
Bolus increments 0.05, 0.1, 0.5, 1.0 u
Max. bolus fow rate: 1.5 u/min
Max. bolus: 30 u
Extended bolus (% or u)
Insulin on board (IOB)
7 bolus presets (e.g. Pizza-Bolus)
36 carb presets (e.g. favorite meal)
7 temporary basal presets (e.g. jogging rate)
PDM lock
Memory: up to 5400 records (90 days of data)
Communication distance: up to 60 cm
2 AAA batteries (alkaline)
Size: 6.4 cm x 11.4 cm x 2.5 cm
Weight: 125 g with batteries
4 year PDM warranty 



The Pod – Specifications

Integrated reservoir (min 85u – max 200u)
Expiration time: 72 hours
Integrated 9 mm flexible cannula
Watertight – IPX8 (to 7.5 m depth for up to 60 minutes)
Operating temperature range: 5° to 40°C
Size 4.1 cm x 6.2 cm x 1.7 cm
Weight 34 g with full reservoir 




by Daniel (DBolding)

Overall impressions (using Humalog insulin)
Quite small, tube free! Big colour screen on the PDM (Personal Diabetes Manager), self canular insertion and self priming

Ease of use:
Simple, anyone could use one, everything is step by step. Changing the pod, even reminds you to remove sticky cover and place it on your skin.  Great backlight and simple navigation.

Good points:
Size of the Pod is good.  There are no tubes to get caught anywhere so another great thing, the pod is water tight so you can swim, shower, shave, and the other s without disconnection, plus the pod can be worn virtually anywhere.  The PDM has a built in glucose meter, so another meter is not required.  The PDM also records all information, carbs, insulin, BG and can display it back in trends or even plot it on a graph so you can see your BG and insulin usage over a good period of time. UK based 24/7 customer service.  Extremely easy pod reservoir filling.  VERY sticky backing! I have fights to get mine off my skin.  Because there is no canular you forget your wearing it! I have had to check to see if its still on my arm as I forget its there.

Bad points:
No UK computer software as yet, supposed to be out by the end of March, but still is a bad point.  The reservoir on the pod is only 200 units so would not be of any use to an extremely insulin resistant diabetic.  If you get a collision and you are required to change the pod, it can be a pain as you will lose all the insulin you have filled it with. Costs somewhat more than a traditional pump, but worth every penny more.

Customer service:
Extremely good! They even have an out of hours diabetic nurse who can talk you through different things, customer service is always extremely quick to get through to and always polite and seem to always have the answers!

Amazing insulin pump! I have never experienced one so easy, user friendly and discrete! Excellent for first timers, and extremely flexible.


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