DANA Diabecare R insulin pump (DanaR)

Technical data:

dana r

Colour range for DANA Diabecare R

•    Dosage increments in 0.05, 0.1, 0.5 or 1.0 units
•    1 unit bolus duration: 12, 30 or 60 seconds
•    Audible notification for each unit delivered
•    Extended bolus (30 mins – 8 hrs)
•    Dual pattern bolus
•    Carbo/Bolus calculation Program
•    Insulin to carb ratio and correction factor variable by time of day.
•    Number of rates per profile: 24 per day, hourly
•    Temporary Basal: 1hr – 12hrs, 0% – 200%
•    Program dosage:  0.01 unit/hr or 0.1 unit/hr
•    Number of profiles:  4
•    Missed meal bolus alerts
•    Button-lock mode to prevent unintended operation
•    Alarm (low battery, low reservoir, occlusion)
•    Fail-safe function
•    Bolus frequency restriction
•    Active insulin monitoring/insulin on board.
•    Audible reminder to check blood glucose after a meal
•    Presetting of default boluses
•    PIN access to guided management features for healthcare professionals.
•    Bolus, temporary basal, bolus setting, basal setting and blood glucose measurement and Bolus Calculator.
•    Sample:  0.5 µl, capillary whole blood
•    Time:      5 secs
•    Range:    1.1 to 33.3mmol/l
•    Method:   Electrochemical
•    Strip:       DANA Blood Glucose Strip
•    Insulin capacity:  300 units
•    Memory Recall:  Bolus (500); Prime(100); Daily Totals(200); Carbohydrate and Blood Glucose(500)
•    Average battery life 6 – 8 weeks
•    IPX8 rated – waterproof
•    Button Scroll
•    Beep and/or vibrate
•    23 languages supported (Arabic, Chinese, German, English, Hebrew, Norwegian, Czech, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Dutch, Slovenian, Lithuanian, French, Swedish, Hindi, Latvian, Italian, Danish, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese, Korean)
•    All data downloadable to PC and can be viewed through DANA Manager software (currently being revised in line with new added features of pump).
Website: http://advancedtherapeutics.org.uk/shop/dana-diabecare-insulin-pump/238/


By Sue

Nice little pump very sleek to handle. Photo looks like a cheap bit of plastic, far from it though.

Handset has exactly the same controls as the pump so fully functional with or without handset. Not like the other pumps.
Easy to read the screen. Easy set up very few button pushes. Temporary basal is now 1- 24 hours. Can be hung around your neck under clothing as very light and has a strap attachement.

Customer support is first class. I know this from dealing with the company for the last 3 years.

Also which I think is great, if your pump goes wrong it is replaced with the newest upgrade that is available at the time.
The company is also prepared to do a deal for a Dexcom to be included in the price of the pump which works out cheaper than the Animas on its own.

The DanaR is upgraded every year with new features. Reps and users put in requests as to what they would like and the company tries it’s best to deliver.

RIP Cozmo.



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