DSF ‘shop’

As many of you know, Diabetes Support Forum was developed by several private individuals who provided the hosting costs, built and maintain the site for the use and benefit of UK diabetics.
DSF shop link
While they were/are happy to meet the costs and remain opposed to accepting advertising or corporate sponsorship, it has become possible for us to raise funding by receiving commission from purchases made at over 2,700 popular online sites. Retailers range from M&S and Asda through a number of popular insurers and high street names to Ebay and Amazon. It seemed foolish not to generate some commission revenue from sites that members may be using anyway.

To support the forum first visit http://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/diabetessupport then follow links to the normal retailer sites. Alternatively you can download a special ‘toolbar’ add-on to your browser and never miss a donation. There is no extra cost to purchasers. Indeed there may even be special offers and additional discounts. When qualifying purchases are made using this portal, DSF gets a small commission from the retailer. DSF does not endorse any retailer or product that happens to offer a link.

Money raised in this way may be used to cover hosting costs for the site or related expenses. Should there be a surplus, the domain name owner will use it at her discretion and within the spirit of the forum, for example in the cause of diabetes awareness or support. We would stress, to avoid any misunderstandings, that DSF is a non-profit online community – not a charity.

It is important to note that no individuals associated with the forum will profit in any way from revenue generated. They’re all volunteers.

We hope that members will take a look at the huge range of retailers that can be accessed through www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/diabetessupport and by using the links or toolbar, help the forum to continue and grow as a self-financing entity to promote dialogue between diabetics.