Many of the links that follow can easily be obtained using your favourite browser search mechanism, which you are encouraged to use for any topics we haven’t included. There will be some links that are rather more obscure, but hopefully still valuable. Please note that each link will open in its own webpage. Of course, we have no responsibility for any webpage outside DSF.

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Sources of General Information

  • Diabetes UK. Regarded as the main United Kingdom diabetes charity, although it is fair to say that not all UK diabetics agree with all the advice it gives.
  • Netdoctor is a leading independent health-advice website which deals with diabetes. It also deals with most other illnesses.
  • Diabetes Suffolk is a comprehensive diabetes information website, worth a visit.
  • Diabetes Information Plus is a portal of NHS Scotland. Its home page has many links to matters of interest to diabetics.
  • What they didn’t tell you about diabetes. Lots of information on all aspects of diabetes written by a diabetic, with humour and some scepticism. She also provides anecdotal reports from the hundreds of people with diabetes who post on web bulletin boards.
  • Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) are a leading charitable organisation, committed to finding the cure for type 1 diabetes.
  • The Diabetes Bible. Practical guidance on diabetes diagnosis and management meant for health care professionals but a very helpful resource for diabetics themselves.

Magazines and articles.

  • Jennifer’s Advice is a highly regarded article from regarding the importance of testing and how to test to achieve meaningful results.



Other injectables (usually for T2 diabetes)

  • Byetta. Also see Diabetes Suffolk’s information on this drug. Byedurion is trhe weekly version of Byetta
  • Victoza
  • Trulicity A weekly injection.

Oral medications

Diet and Exercise

Testing and Blood Glucose Meters

Please note, there are many brands of meters and not all are represented here.

Online learning

Free mobile phone app for people with T2 diabetes

  • My Therapy app free for Android and iOS.

    Keep track of your medications and stay on top of your health. MyTherapy has proved to be an effective pill reminder in multiple studies as well as a diabetes and blood glucose tracker.

Children with diabetes



  • website. “A guide for drivers with diabetes”
  • DVLA advice on testing. This is a .pdf document regarding their advice on testing before and during driving. A useful link for those on insulin (or hypo inducing oral therapy) whose doctors are trying to restrict their strips.

Interesting and helpful blogs

  • Type1Bri’s Blog Brian is a T1 diabetic living in London. His blog is there to help others with T1 and to help arrange “get togethers” in the London area where people can meet other T1s to have fun and exchange experiences.
  • Every Day Ups and Downs Because no two days with Type 1 are the same. Except when they are. A witty and erudite first hand account of what it’s like to live with T1

Diabetes and Eating Disorders

Unwanted test strips/in-date insulin

  • Insulin Dependent Diabetes Trust collects unneeded, unopened, in-date insulin as well as lancets, test strips and needles to help diabetics in the developing world.