One-Touch Ultra 2

by TerryG

Plasma-calibrated results

Sample size: unspecified but fairly small

Processing time: 5 secs

Memory: 500 tests

Averages: 7, 14 and 30 day

Backlight: yes

Strips: in pot

Downloads: with special cable

Case: soft fabric approx 150x100x40mm


User opinion:

A reasonably solid workhorse. Missing some of the flashier features, but does the job well.


Good stuff:

As meters go it seemed tolerably accurate. Memory was good, with 500 readings held. Arranged 4 to a “page” so easy to go back through lots of results quickly.

Reliable in use.

Easy to use backlight.


OK stuff:

One of the chunkier fabric-type cases. Adequate secure compartments inside. Meter held securely in place in hard plastic grip.

The cases seemed to fall apart after about 12-18 months of being carried in pockets and bags.

Uses pot of test strips.

Typical allowable variance on test solution was between 5.9 and 7.9mmol/l.

Calibration by keying in number to match pot of strips.

Pricker a bit clunky. Not as good as Softclix.


Offputting stuff:

In two words: customer service.

When I had queries I got the stock answers and was required to waste numerous test strips to repeat control tests I’d already done, only to hear stock reply that 15% variances can be OK.

Unhelpful when I suspected duff batch of test strips.

They wouldn’t send me a cable.

Routine deliveries of control solution were stopped in favour of a requirement to specifically request it.

When test strips are not completely filled, test is void and strip wasted.



Personal impressions/ratings

Meter accuracy ***

Meter features ***

Lancing device ****

Case ***

Customer service **

Overall rating: ***


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