Blood glucose diaries

Although many people prefer electronic records for their blood glucose and carb intake, others still rely on pen and paper. Novo Nordisk offers its printable diary at DSF also offers two rather more flexible diaries to print out.

The T1 diary is modelled closely on the Dafne record book while the T2 diary allows blood glucose to be recorded alongside total carbs and has considerably more space for notes of particular foods eaten etc.

Both diaries come in three pdf files – one for an outer cover, one for an inner cover and one page template. You’ll get an impression of what the files look like below. Use any or all of these as you see fit.

All the files come in A4 size, designed to be cut down the middle to create an A5 foldover. For best effect you may want to print the cover on light card and have about 12-14 pages inside the finished booklet. Of course, if you just want to print off some inner pages and use them loose, they’ll do the job just as well.

The files are designed to be printed marginless at 100 per cent size on A4. If your printer doesn’t allow you to print without margins you may need to resize the files appropriately.

How to:

1. Print the outer cover (ideally on light card) marginless on A4.

2. Flip that print over and print the inner cover on the back.

3. Print about 4 copies of the inner page file (marginless again) on normal A4 paper.

4. Flip these prints over and print the back with the same file.

5. Slice the A4 prints (a scalpel is good) down the centre guideline.

6. Collate one cover with your preferred number of inner pages. If you go above about 8 inner sheets (32 pages) it can be tricky to staple the whole booklet.

7. Fold the booklet you have created and staple at the centre fold. (A long-arm stapler is a real boon.)

For insulin users the pdf files are: outside cover, inside cover, inner pages.

For non-insulin users the pdf files are: outside cover, inside cover, inner pages.

blood glucose diaries