A structured education programme for people with Type 1 diabetes

The underlying principle of DAFNE is that insulin doses are adjusted to fit in with the food a person chooses to eat, at the time they choose to eat it. The programme is based on a model from Dusseldorf, Germany.

The programme currently meets all the NICE criteria for structured education programmes for people with diabetes.

Each programme runs for 5 consecutive days where people learn to match insulin replacement doses to the level of carbohydrate intake at a given point. The programme is based on adult education principles, and is delivered in a group setting.

Some of our forum members have done the course and speak very highly of it. To see a forum member’s first hand account of the course click here.

Unfortunately DAFNE is not uniformly available throughout the UK. Some PCTs do not offer it at all. Other areas offer a similar course known as BERTIE which is a programme devised by the Bournemouth Diabetes and Endocrine Centre (who are the foremost Pumping specialists in the UK). The programme is delivered on one day a week for 4 consecutive weeks and involves groups of about 8 patients and 2-3 educators. They are held in a local health centre and lunch is included as part of the course.

Participants of these courses often report dramatically improved control after attending, so if you are offered a course, it would be a very good idea to take it.

If you are not offered a course all is not lost. At least for the time being. BDEC (The aforementioned Bournemouth Diabetes and Endocrine Centre) are currently offering an on-line course which you can enrol in at no charge. For more details visit www.bdec-e-learning.com/home.asp

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