Diabetes, whether Type 1 or Type 2, is a condition that can be largely managed by the person who suffers from it, as opposed to relying 100% on the medical profession to oversee and dictate the treatment.  In fact, it’s one of the essential tenets of the National Framework for Diabetes (see page 23) that people with diabetes should be empowered to be partners in their own care.  Regrettably implementation of this excellent recommendation can be somewhat patchy throughout the British Isles.  The reasons vary, but it is apparent that some regions are much further ahead in patient education than others.

Some areas are offering the X-Pert programme for Type 2s whilst other Primary Care Trusts will offer DESMOND.  However some areas will simply hand out a few leaflets to newly diagnosed persons with Type 2 diabetes.  Persons with Type 1 diabetes may be offered a DAFNE (Dose Adjusted for Normal Eating) course or something similar.  It is possible to insist on being referred to one of these courses, but it may not be practical due to the location of the course/distance to travel or cost of accommodation.  Do not despair if no suitable carbohydrate counting courses are available to you as there is an excellent online course prepared by Bournemouth Endocrinology and Diabetes Centre that you can do for free.

Some people regardless of type will be offered no proper information at all!

However you are here either because you are newly diagnosed, or you have been diagnosed for some time and you have queries, or you have just decided that it’s time you learned something about the disease you have and took control.  So how can we help?  Well… it’s been shown that good peer support forums can help people to increase their own knowledge of the condition and inform dealings with Health Care Professionals.   We do not claim to replace your health team, merely to give you the tools to ask the necessary questions and to assist you to become empowered as your own advocate with your health team.

Please check out the links from this page and please also be assured that any question you ask in the forum will be responded to in a supportive and respectful manner.