Chapter 10 – More travelling and a split in basal

Unfortunately, the nurse was not so thrilled with my Hba1c. “It’s too low,” she chastised me, “you must be having a lot of hypos and they’re very dangerous”. She followed that with a lecture on losing hypo awareness. I looked at her with disbelief. “It’s been hard work getting that . . . → Read More: Chapter 10 – More travelling and a split in basal

Chapter 9 – New friendships

>I set to work to search the Internet for more information on diabetes. Naturally the first site to come up was Diabetes UK. I’d seen their “Balance” magazine lying around the Doctor’s surgery and also at the hospital when I’d been to attend the appointment with the Dietitian. It seemed kind of bland and the . . . → Read More: Chapter 9 – New friendships

Chapter 7 – A new job and diabetic realities…

A couple of days after returning from Manchester I started work at Sure Start Lescudjack. The situation apparently was that their permanent Receptionist was going on maternity leave on the Friday. They had recruited another woman to work her maternity leave, but the replacement had decided to leave two days before the person she was . . . → Read More: Chapter 7 – A new job and diabetic realities…

Chapter 6 – Travelling, still confused…

My Father in Law Stanley had passed away on 26th February 2003 (coincidentally the same date as my own Father which was 26.2.1971). We had found him a place in the Dunkirk Memorial Home in Taunton run by the British Legion a few years previously, but within a few weeks when it became apparent that . . . → Read More: Chapter 6 – Travelling, still confused…

Chapter 5 – learning to live with insulin

Insulin wasn’t quite the “magic potion” I had thought it was during my first week taking it. During the week when the Nurse had spoken to me daily on the phone I’d told her about some odd episodes where I “felt funny” at BGs of around 10 and she’d explained that this was because my . . . → Read More: Chapter 5 – learning to live with insulin

Chapter 4 – Insulin

On my return from holiday I was still running BGs in the high 20s or low 30s, still feeling tired, the pins and needles were still there and worst of all my eyesight was terrible. I’m an avid reader, never without a book and I felt very lost without my ability to see enough to . . . → Read More: Chapter 4 – Insulin

Chapter 3 – The holiday

Whoo hoo… we were off on our holidays. I had packed all the new clothes I’d bought to fit the new slim me. We set off to drive to Plymouth, a drive of between an hour and a half and two hours depending on the traffic. Just over an hour into the drive I remembered . . . → Read More: Chapter 3 – The holiday

Chapter 2 – After the diagnosis

As I said, I spent most of the weekend sleeping. Naturally I took the Gliclazide tablets. They were going to make me “better” weren’t they? I had another appointment with the Nurse on the Monday. She had asked me to take tests when I woke up, before each meal and before bed. I started my . . . → Read More: Chapter 2 – After the diagnosis

Chapter 1 – Diagnosis

On January 5th 2001 I quit smoking. I had been smoking for 27 years, it was too long, it was costing too much money and my chest felt tight. On this occasion, unlike half hearted attempts in the past, I really wanted to quit and I did. However, there were those times when I’d habitually . . . → Read More: Chapter 1 – Diagnosis