Howdy from your local neighbourhood Guinea Pig


Drat that TerryG, he sent me a PM saying he’d reinstated the Bloggers and did mine first so needed me to post a Blog as the Guinea Pig and tell him if anything was wrong – Heavens to Betsy – it’s been so long since I wrote a flippin blog I’m gonna remember????  So far so good though, in fact signing in to Word Press seems easier than I recall.  But I might be wrong!

Not a lot to say; I spose to follow on from my previous Blogs I should be telling you I haven’t been on the Dole since last May when I officially retired and swapped it for my pension(s).  Feeling quite optimistic at the mo really; we have a hol booked touring in France a couple of months hence (it’s what we do, we have a motorhome) and now we have the DSF Meet booked for June that’s something else to get me out of the house – and meet the famous Oz author and T2 Guru Alan Shanley.  I’m prolly looking forward to that as much as anything really!

That sounds awful really but what I mean is – although on the Forum we all know one another, when we meet for the first time it’s really exciting without being at all daunting, because we already know that everyone else is really nice!

What are you looking forward to this year?

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