JAN 2015

Well its a new year and am going to try and keep up this blog every month or more with how I am getting on with my diabetes. If it helps any one then that will be good but if not I know it will help me.

Well I have had Christmas and have totally been off the rails with what I eat. I lost a stone before Christmas but not weighed myself yet as scared I will have put it all back on.

I plan to start properly on Monday 5/1/15 with diet and low carbing and see where it takes me.

At the minute am quite down and some days just want to get in car and leave it all and everyone. I don’t have anyone I trust that much to talk about it and feel I cant say anything as wife already struggles with depression herself.

I am hoping that by shoving myself into the diet and gym it will counteract my low moods.


working shifts I some times find it difficult to cope, I am on my own a lot and when I feel I need somewhere to turn there isn’t anyone I trust or who knows about D etc

The D site is an excellent one as I have found out and get loads of replies to any questions I ask but I am being very selfish now and there’s often no one there for me too turn too at the time I need.



I find am coping less and less but eating more and not the right food.

am still forgetting to take my med and getting depressed more and more and maybe realising that its all connected


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