November 2013

wow I have just noticed I haven’t done blog for 7 months.

right where do I start:

The last few months have gone quite quick but I have been so down not all diabetes but it hasn’t helped. I also haven’t taken tablets as often as I should but who cares has been my thought

I have quite a bit going on and so my diabetes I have put on the back burner even though I know what the complication long term are they are not here so can wait

My father in law has dementia but lives at his house they say he is not bad enough to go into a home but can be quite bad at times. My shift pattern helps a lot as I get days off in the week and this  helps a lot as my wife works mon to fri. I am the bad one according to father in law  but I know this I down to  dementia so doesn’t and wont stop me helping where I can. my wife has to go and do his tea on a Monday and Tuesday after work and does 3 weekends outta 4 due to a family member pulling out of helping him anymore.

eating proper then for me has been quite difficult as he is a very plain eater so unless we cook more meals when we get home at 7ish I eat high carbs. I have now decided to start eating my meals at my house and then go back for mrs after at least I can then try and take more control.

my eating habits and choice have been so very bad and no excuses just couldn’t be bothered

I have just posted on the forum as I have had a good talk to myself and I know I cant go on. I want to start doing well but I haven’t the will power but the main thing I have taken from that is baby steps achievable goals.


the course I am doing at work requires me to do a presentation about 20 mins but I can do it on any thing. I have decided to do it on my day as a diabetic with a little background on diabetes

This I hope will do 2 things; one give me inspiration to get back on track and two to give them an account of how hard it is sometimes to do and keep blood sugars at a good level, some thing non diabetics don’t even think about.

On the downside I am opening up my ‘life’ which is something I don’t tend to do, but the upside of doing this out ways by far the downside. I am quite excited about this which is good as not been this enthusiastic about anything for a long long time.

I may need to cut down the content maybe but will see.


 Life seems to have stayed on a more even keel for now

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