September 2012

I should really make notes as cant really remember much to put in for the beginning of month. i did test at beginning but then stopped and had a really bad bit in month.

I had 2 weeks holiday and ate whatever I wanted and fitted in with what we were doing ie work in […]

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I’d like to call this “My week on a plate”

But it’s plagiarism as there’s an Observer column called that. Can’t think of a better title though.

SO….. I have been threatening a food blog for a while now, but until today I haven’t found the discipline to sit down and write. However, I’ve had a particularly nice week food-wise and tried out some new […]

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today was first day i am testing after eve meals

12/9 5.7 before eating got beef chow mein some beansprouts and mushrooms and had a few bts of choc after then at 1 hr was 8.8 and 2 hrs 8.6 and 3 hrs 8.7