march 2012

March 2012

March came and by chance wenton the dsf site and chat and had a good chat with Patti who put a lot of belief in me that had gone missing and started to look and post again thinking if only one post ever helped someone then i have done something worthwhile

decided to […]

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3 months on

January 2012

Well I had put on half a stone which meant i had still lost one stone and continued to try and lose weight but all family still upset at loss of mil.

I attended the Desmonds course, the first week was very good and informative but the second week was not so as […]

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just diagnosed

October 2011

in October 2011 was diagnosed with t2 diabetes after going gto doctors with other issues.

I was put on ramipril or hhigh blood pressure straight away and told i needed blood test as i had some of symptoms of diabetes so I had the test and 2 days later was called in to […]

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