Insulinx 2 weeks on

After my initial reluctance to trust the meter I decided to inject what it suggested and see how I went, after all, I would be going to a follow up meeting with the DSN and presumably she would be looking at my results. I also started to notice that when I overrode the suggestions I […]

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Ode To A Bottom.

Ode to a Bottom (An Acrostic poem)


Noticed you whilst scrubbing a floor I admired your massive bottom Co’s frankly what is this life for? Earth, bottomless, would be rotten.

A wobble here a wobble there Round and perfectly augmented Should man deny himself this fare? Especially one so well presented.

Bill Harborne


Insulinx Meter

On 7th November I posted this in the forum:

This morning I attended a group training session for this meter. There were two DSNs present, it would appear that I was the only person there not known to them, I did remind the “head” one that she had actually seen me twice, but it was […]

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Love On The NHS

We both wear masks in bed My wife and me as well Mine is for my apnea Hers for asthma sure as hell.

We look a right pair sat there Straps all round our heads Like two WW2 bomber pilots It often has been said.

Love On The NHS