Contour USB review

Ooh look! My first blog!

I’ve had the Contour USB for a while now, and I think a few people were wanting to know what I thought of it, so I figure it’s about time I write a review!

Overall, I really love this meter!

First of all, the size. It’s very compact and actually […]

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Falling Cows Eat Into Profits

We built a farm up in the sky On a sky scraper would you believe? It was so very windy, being high With drawbacks we could not conceive.

The stupid cows for instance Kept dropping off the side They would walk into the distance […]

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Hubble Bubble

(Its not easy running a coven in the modern age, a poem for Halloween)

“Hubble bubble toil and….

Oh I forget what’s next.”

The old witch is pushed away.

The high priestess most vexed.

Hubble Bubble

IDDT conference.

Well, I’ll try to put down on this blog all the interesting things I picked up on saturday, but my memory as it is It’s likely to be missing some bits!! firstly we all had coffee and met the staff, the first speaker to welcome us all was Jenny Hirst, I recognised her at once […]

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Steak and Mushroom pie hypo.

Some while ago I commented in a blog called “Silly Saturdays” about making a Steak and Mushroom pie and the hypo induced by making the pastry. Well, hypo aside, we loved the Steak and Mushroom pie, which was a variation on a recipe I had got out of Good Food Magazine for Steak and Roasted […]

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