Chapter 11 – Disappointment

On our return from California a letter from the Dr awaited me. They were changing my BP meds from Perindopril to Lisinopril on cost grounds. Oddly, the dry cough that had bugged me up until then went away almost as soon as I changed meds. I later discovered that the irritating “dry cough” was a […]

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The Masters Dying.

“Quick, quick, send for Doctor Dick, the Masters dying the Masters sick.” The chambermaid raced through the massive hall, Pantry maids, Butlers, heeded the call.

The Kitchen, hub of all things gossipy, preferring tit bits to the latest recipe. Soon heard the news that Master was poorly, […]

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Recommended accommodation

The tunnel leads to underground. Where a solid door was easily found. Inside old badger snored away. Beside a fire, he slept all day.

Above a gale blew hard and bitter. Snow touched branches all a glitter. Ponds frozen hard with ice a shimmer. Shadows grew long, […]

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Two Feet In The Grave (A diabetics lament)

I lost my feet some years ago They are buried n’eath a tree I visit them on Sundays When sometimes they speak to me.

We’re cold and lonely in this hole And frankly we blame you You ate that bloody cherry cake Not one slice but two!

I know, […]

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The Last Whale

The last whale. (A Villanelle)

I searched the seas and cried to no avail. My species now butchered for men’s greed. I am the last and only whale.

Are you happy now? My kind is doomed to fail, You’ve proved yourself superior, done the awful deed. I searched the […]

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Joey (RIP)


When I was eight they gave to me A budgie in a cage. Quite a responsibility For someone of my age.

A plucky little fella Joey was his name. I used to let him from his cage And we would play this game.

I would be a German […]

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Southern France 2007 Chapter 9

Saturday 15th September. We got up early, showered and packed, then took some of the luggage down to the car. Whilst Julian was packing the car I went to find the breakfast room and get a table. Breakfast was being served in a room off the lobby, which we hadn’t noticed the evening before, because […]

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Southern France 2007 Chapter 8

Thursday 13th September. Couldn’t decide what to do…. Go to Castillon du Gard, which we haven’t visited (quaint Mediaeval hilltop town) for lunch, or do the canoeing again. Canoeing won. Julian went to the Boulangerie for bread for breakfast and a picnic, whilst I ironed a few garments I’d washed yesterday and got ready. After […]

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Southern France 2007 Chapter 7

Tuesday 11th September. Got up fairly late, almost 9 am. Julian wanted to visit Alés to see a house he had found on the internet. I told him that I was not keen on the idea. I did not want an hour’s journey each way in a hot car, but you have to give and […]

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Holidays! Poole – Lancaster – Paris.

Day1: Poole, Saturday morning, 4am, off goes the alarm. I grumble valid excuses at it as to why it should not be making such a racket at this hour. (1.It’s my first day off work. 2. It’s my birthday. Neither of these things should normally involve seeing 4am). I drag myself to the bathroom, via […]

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