Oh Danny Boy

(For Grammabear)

Please whisper this.

I’d like to tell you about my dog, a Jack Russell brown and white. He’s got a brave heart and that’s for sure For such a little mite,

But he’s got a little problem, so I’m […]

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The Diagnosis


The Doc looked up, with solemn smile, he said to me “look here.” “You’re blood test just came back today,” “ so here it is I fear.”

“Haemachromatosis, I’m afraid that’s what you’ve got.” “It’s a little know condition,” “of which we know diddly-squat.”

“But that’s what rabbits […]

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Ode To A Ryvita.


Oh humble crunchy Ryvita

how thou glimmereth in the candle light.

Yours sides be filleth’ed with holes

your corners bid me bite.

T’would be a curse one does suppose

to have one stuck’ed upon […]

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Beware The Expert.


The world is full of people,

who tell us what to do.

Who tell us what is best for us,

But I just say screw you.

Hydrogenated fat is good,

Butter makes you ill.

Beware The Expert.

Mmmmm Bacon



Oh lord I have this disability No doubt the onset of senility For I can’t resist a bacon roll “Lord have mercy” Save my soul.

The scent of bacon gently frying Copious saliva, my glands supplying Images of pork I now extol “Lord have mercy” […]

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