A chance encounter

On Sunday we decided to have a little holiday.  We needed to dump some things at the local Council tip, so rather than take the train all the way to St Ives we took the car, dropped the broken scanner and dead microwave off, then parked in the park and ride to catch the train.  […]

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Why Counting Calories Makes You Fat

Why Counting Calories Makes You Fat

For years, medical advice and diets have been thrown at us in relation to "calorie control" and for years, people have had great difficulty losing weight with these kinds of diet. A great deal of hardship has been gone through to lose relatively small amounts of weight. Considering it […]

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The dinner party

Our social life seems to revolve around food.  Perhaps not the best "hobby" for a diabetic, but I’ve always been determined that diabetes will live with me and not the other way around.  I love cooking, always have, and I love entertaining, again, I always have.  So, one way and another we’ll find ourselves regularly […]

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