Are Petitions a Waste of Time?

Are Petitions a Waste of Time?

…and should we just give up?

This is a question which rears its head from time to time in relation to dietary advice and test strips in particular. My answer to that would be "No, but we should be prepared for disappointment".

Lets take test strips as an example. […]

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Lucozade tablets

There are 4 chemists in town and two major supermarkets (well, strictly speaking the supermarkets are out of town… but I digress).  Until recently all 4 chemists and one of the supermarkets stocked Lucozade tablets.  Now, OK, I could use any number of things to treat a hypo but I prefer Lucozade tabs because I […]

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Following on from Nige’s post

I have recently spent 3 days on a training course with someone I know is T2.   I watched whilst they had two spoonfuls of sugar in their coffee (we had at least 4/5 cups per day) and whilst boiled sweets were handed round, and the biscuit tray.  Eventually unable to restrain myself I asked "when […]

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Cultural Conditioning

When talking to T2s, I generally try to get across the importance of testing and in some cases its an uphill battle.  We not only fight the medics and dieticians advice, but habits and cultural conditioning.

 Because dieticians advice (and so medics advice) changes very little simply because we are diabetic, there is a cultural […]

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Unlike a lot of people I don’t recall being particularly depressed when I was diagnosed.

At the time I think I was relieved that it was diabetes and not, as I suspected at the time, something far worse. I also had a lot of other issues on my mind then, primarily not wanting […]

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