My life (the juicy bits)

diagnosed in 2002, i was 18 stone drinking fourteen 2 litre bottles of diet coke a week! spent 7 years with the same gp and diabetic nurse shovelling tablets and insulin into me, never getting any better.i tried tablet after tablet some causing hypos others constipation, generally making me feel worse. after changing gp in […]

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Expert Patient Session 2

After my disappointment at the first session of the Expert Patient Programme, it was somewhat difficult to drag myself out in the cold to attend the second. Obviously, others had the same difficulties as the numbers attending were significantly reduced from the previous week; this despite two new members being present.

The course is […]

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Expert Patient

I suppose that if you are here, reading this post, it’s likely that you are living with a life long condition or that somebody very close to you is. It is also probable that you are looking to manage that condition better and to improve your symptoms and quality of life. So maybe the expert […]

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