Shopping, Chopping and Convenience

This week is going to be particularly easy for food. Everything is already prepped for every meal and its just a case of throwing it in the appropriate cooking device.

I came to the conclusion that I was being "naughty" far too often and letting my BGs go up too high in the mornings. A […]

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Stress or Thyroid?

I only wrote the blog about stress and how it affected BGs the other day.  Then the very next day someone on the forum asked if there was any relationship between Hypothyroidism and BGs – in other words, if your Thyroid was under active would it push your BGs up.  This made me stop and […]

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Work is very stressful at the moment.  Very.  It’s happened before, same old same old.  The boss leaves and everyone dumps on me and puts me “in charge” without a “by your leave” or telling any of the other staff.  This is the 3rd time it’s happened.  I’ve been trying to be much more laid […]

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A Random Day

I don’t have anything to rant about today so I’ll just post my start to the day instead.

Got up at 06:30 as usual with a 5.5 (not great. No peanuts on the way to bed last night) and spent half an hour reading through the forum, checking the blogs, email and a couple of […]

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Shopping For Breakfast

Breakfast is always a problem for type 2s because insulin resistance is usually higher in the morning. Having cereal can push your BG up very high and then drop low quickly, potentially causing a crash. This is because your system is slow and overcompensates. It does not start producing enough insulin early enough (or dodgy […]

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Dirty Tricks In Prescribing

I had a rant a couple of weeks ago about my strips being cut, immediately wanting to go onto the offensive against strip rationing. As it turned out I overreacted.

On closer examination of my "bag of goodies"I found that everything had been cut in half. I also found that at the bottom of my […]

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How To Stab Yourself

There is a myth that fingerprick testing makes your fingers sore. This myth is usually propagated by nurses, which is ironic since it only makes your finger sore when you let a nurse do it.

You can test anywhere up to the first knuckle and get the same reading, so lets look at our options. […]

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