Fasting: 5.5, Weight 88.4kg

Yesterday was weigh-in day of week 2 for me since I consciously started trying to lose weight. Its going worryingly well and I know its just going to get harder from now on. Down by half a stone in 2 weeks, I am almost on course for hitting my target in […]

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Sometimes I wonder why medics give meters to type 2s at all, given that they will not give enough strips to make what I consider to be proper use of them. I know that some people have been sent away at diagnosis with a meter and told to test once a week.

The only purpose […]

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Why are the experiences of diabetics ignored by the health care providers?

I get so tired of this refusal to prescribe strips. Truly I do… it’s so short sighted. So far I have written to my MP, organised a petition to No 10, combed govmt guidelines and read Hansard until I am blue in the face. But still, some stupid ignorant person in some godforsaken practice in […]

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Back On The Wagon

21 Aug 2008BG: 4.4. 89.8Kg

Well theres the result of taking some peanuts to bed to eat. OK so they were Salt & Vinegar flavoured peanuts, but I never said I was a saint. After having a 9.2 and a 3.8 yesterday its good to have a good fasting level.

So this being my first […]

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I have to say I love the folks in this forum. I am also very humble. The life that goes on here is awesome. I can’t begin to express quite how I feel except to say what wonderful people come into the forum with their many and diverse problems. What is so lovely is the […]

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Celebrating food

I’ve been thinking about food a lot this weekend. To tell the truth I often think about food a lot. Not in a way that I’m hungry or want to make a pig of myself. I just like food, eating it, but mostly cooking it. Food means a lot to me, and, I guess to […]

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