Hypos and hot weather

Summer has arrived at last… and it was a beautiful day today. It’s hot… and so, of course, we are more prone to hypos. I managed to have 1 this morning and 3 this afternoon about an hour between them. They varied from 2.3 to 2.8. All at the most inconvenient times! So I guess […]

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More idle thoughts

It’s funny how one thing leads to another. I mean coincidences that get you thinking about stuff. Not just in real life, but in cyber life so to speak. I was talking to someone online about their diabetes and it transpired it was probably steroid related. No surprise there, steroids are well known to induce […]

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Managed Carb Vs Low Carb

I have a tendency on forums to mention managed carb as opposed to low carb. So what do I mean by it and why the distinction?

Theres actually very little difference between the two. Whether low carb or managed carb, the intention is to limit the intake of carbs to manage BG. Although I don’t […]

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