NHS Blogs revisited

I’ve just been over to the site… people are trying to use it as a forum as far as I can see…. I had a comment to a blog I made… I replied inviting the person into the forum and I felt it incumbent on me to explain things in a new blog as follows:-


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Bleeding cats and phlebology phun

It’s annual blood-letting time again. Where I live, this is a celebration that usually involves the exchange of greetings with numerous healthcare workers, a pilgrimage, a game of hide and seek, and a half-day holiday from work.

This year is looking promising. Unusually the first greeting was from my GP. A nice card… well, form… […]

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So far off topic it’s untrue

In the forum, I was reading with some sympathy Claire’s natural concerns about development rates of babies and was prompted to revisit a discarded pile of words sitting rotting gently in a forgotten corner of my computer.

Let me explain: back in the pre-diabetes days when I was a real person I had […]

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NHS blogs

I was invited to blog on the NHS Choices website, so off I went to do so, but… as so often happens on the internet, one click led to another and another and lo and behold, you’re on a different website, or something elsewhere on the same website has caught your attention and you dally. […]

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Wedding Anniversary continued…

The scallops and duck breast went down well…. and it seemed like a good idea to watch the video of the event itself…. except that in his earlier tinkering with wires, digibox, and the combined Video/DVD player the groom had done very well, digibox and DVD pictures much clearer…. but the VHS now shows silent […]

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Hello folks, a posting in DSF about DUK, made me think back to when I was first diagnosed back in 2002. Like most newly diagnosed T2’s, at first I was in denial, this couldn’t happen to me, then I’ll show them. I was keen to combat this decease, and decided there was no way […]

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Wedding Anniversary

Today’s our 23rd wedding anniversary…. goodness, how things change and yet how they stay the same! 23 years ago on a lovely sunny day we celebrated our registry office marriage with friends and family. Reading registry office was a lovely old house and the grounds outside were a pretty backdrop for photos. The photos are […]

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My First Blog

my first blogMonday, June 9th, 2008

This being my first ever blog, I’ll do the “this is me ” intro.

I’m Richard, known here and in most forums as richjay. I’m 58 years old, I’m married (second time round) to Ray (short for Lorraine) 25 years now , we have no children, I have two […]

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Random thoughts

Time for some more random thoughts from a diabetic! LOL!…..


I’m thrilled that the new forum has taken off so well, it’s just six month’s since we opened our doors and we have 135 members. Links from several quite important sites and an article on “us” in a couple of free papers! Well done […]

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