I’ve just read that post from John regarding the DESMOND courses being offered in the Peterborough area.  GOSH, it’s made me see red!  So… they will be offering DESMOND courses, but only to the South Asian community?  Yes?  How fair is that?  Of course the South Asian community should be offered DESMOND but so […]

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Stress, work and so on

Not too long ago I made a blog called “just a calm place” and it was very true.  It described exactly how I felt.  The feeling of calm had sort of crept up and surprised me and I didn’t totally understand it.  Now I see it for what it was, “a lack of stress”.  I had been […]

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Where do weekends go?

I know, I know, my weekends are (normally) longer than my working week. It’s got me thinking though, how did I manage when I worked 5 days a week? The weekend was the time we socialised, did the washing and ironing, housework, shopping and any of the other boring trivia that constitutes life. Now my […]

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A wonderful day

We were invited by our friends to lunch yesterday, a Bank Holiday Monday. The idea was to assemble at their house at noon, walk some 5 miles from their house to Sennen Cove and then return by a car they’d parked there earlier to their home for lunch. The day dawned absolutely beautiful – the […]

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