WeightWatchers Part II

Well, went along to weigh last night. I’d lost a glorious total of half a pound. I knew that was coming but all the same…. Julian had lost 2lbs. I hate him sometimes. Anyway I knew I hadn’t been trying at all hard… actually, at all, would be a better expression!


Be that as […]

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Supermarkets could revolutionise the NHS

Supermarkets should be available on the NHS.

How many millions of pounds does the government spend on insulin and Metformin and other stuff to bring people’s blood glucose down when the supermarkets will do it for free?

I don’t know what it is about supermarkets exactly, but of all my life experiences, a visit to […]

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Slimming, or trying to

Tonight I went to WeightWatchers… well, my husband Julian and I did.

I didn’t think I’d have the motivation to do it without a bit of support at home and anyway, he needs to lose a stone or so. So I figured he needed to come rather than rely on me to plan the menus. […]

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Saw the Nurse

Results of the blood letting… I had to wait 2 whole weeks this time because apparently Karen was on some course or other. It’s OK, these things happen. I wasn’t looking forward to it and was expecting Hba1c of 6.1, because of being ill for 5 weeks out of 6 preceding the test… also I […]

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My experience with the Diabetes Research Network

A while ago whilst trawling various links from various sites I visit keeping up to date with developments in the diabetic world I came across http://www.ukdrn.org/patients_involved.html.  So I thought, "nothing ventured, nothing gained" and applied to join.  I was emailed some forms which I filled in and returned and a while later started to receive their newsletters […]

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Penzance was defnititely “under water” today. Promenade closed to traffic (and sensible pedestrians I should have thought) HUUUUUUGE waves breaking over it! Gale force winds. Went to two supermarkets (had to drive the long way round missing out the prom). Tesco’s car park was a lake. I swear I saw 2 trout swimming down Briton’s […]

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Just a day in the life of…

Woke up this morning fairly late. Wasn’t important, it’s a weekend after all. The sun was shining and all was well in this picturesque and quaint corner of Cornwall. We decided to go into town and have a nice lunch at our favourite pub. We rang our friend Norman who lost his partner of 17 […]

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A first blog

This blogging lark is new to me. I never really wanted to be a blogger. First, I tended to assume no one in their right mind, except possibly researchers in an obscure part of the psychology department of Stanford University, would want to read the ramblings of an irreverent, lunatic, mini-MPV-driving, dog-owning, suburb-dwelling, middle-class, middle-aged […]

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