INPUT event – Truro 5 October 2013

The event started at 11am and Julian and I got there about 11.15am. We were greeted in the car park by what I took to be employees of Alverton Manor hotel marshalling cars into parking places. One asked if we were there to test drive BMWs and I said “No, we’re here for the INPUT […]

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Patti’s weekly platters

I left you last week with my Lamb Fricassee bubbling on the stove. I can tell you’re all waiting with bated breath to see how it turned out (LOL!). Well, the answer to that is “not as well as it should have”. The recipe said to simmer for 1.5 to 2 hours and I let […]

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I’d like to call this “My week on a plate”

But it’s plagiarism as there’s an Observer column called that. Can’t think of a better title though.

SO….. I have been threatening a food blog for a while now, but until today I haven’t found the discipline to sit down and write. However, I’ve had a particularly nice week food-wise and tried out some new […]

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Insulinx 2 weeks on

After my initial reluctance to trust the meter I decided to inject what it suggested and see how I went, after all, I would be going to a follow up meeting with the DSN and presumably she would be looking at my results. I also started to notice that when I overrode the suggestions I […]

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Insulinx Meter

On 7th November I posted this in the forum:

This morning I attended a group training session for this meter. There were two DSNs present, it would appear that I was the only person there not known to them, I did remind the “head” one that she had actually seen me twice, but it was […]

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Steak and Mushroom pie hypo.

Some while ago I commented in a blog called “Silly Saturdays” about making a Steak and Mushroom pie and the hypo induced by making the pastry. Well, hypo aside, we loved the Steak and Mushroom pie, which was a variation on a recipe I had got out of Good Food Magazine for Steak and Roasted […]

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Southern France 2007 Chapter 9

Saturday 15th September. We got up early, showered and packed, then took some of the luggage down to the car. Whilst Julian was packing the car I went to find the breakfast room and get a table. Breakfast was being served in a room off the lobby, which we hadn’t noticed the evening before, because […]

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Southern France 2007 Chapter 8

Thursday 13th September. Couldn’t decide what to do…. Go to Castillon du Gard, which we haven’t visited (quaint Mediaeval hilltop town) for lunch, or do the canoeing again. Canoeing won. Julian went to the Boulangerie for bread for breakfast and a picnic, whilst I ironed a few garments I’d washed yesterday and got ready. After […]

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Southern France 2007 Chapter 7

Tuesday 11th September. Got up fairly late, almost 9 am. Julian wanted to visit Alés to see a house he had found on the internet. I told him that I was not keen on the idea. I did not want an hour’s journey each way in a hot car, but you have to give and […]

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Southern France 2007 Chapter 5

Friday 7th September.Up at 7.30, we breakfasted as usual and were on the road to Arles by around 10.30 am. On arrival we were a little surprised by the amount of traffic, but we followed the flow, and eventually parked in the “Parking du Centre” underground car park. There were lots of fast food outlets, […]

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