Progress so far

well its been 7 months since i joined the forum. what a steep learning curve! i never felt so confident in dealing with diabetes. in fact i am looking forward to the challenge. i would prefer not to be dealing with it but, i have to.

my HbA1C november 08 was 10.4. july 09 it […]

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McMoby’s Poem

My doctor says i’m diabetic i’ll have to change my diet increase my level of exercise and i really have to try it.

if thats no good she said to me or you cant show dedication i’ll bring you back in 3 months time and prescribe some medication.

i went away with diet sheet feeling […]

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My life (the juicy bits)

diagnosed in 2002, i was 18 stone drinking fourteen 2 litre bottles of diet coke a week! spent 7 years with the same gp and diabetic nurse shovelling tablets and insulin into me, never getting any better.i tried tablet after tablet some causing hypos others constipation, generally making me feel worse. after changing gp in […]

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