New start 2016. – feb

Well my first blog for about a year, why do I have to be this low to think about putting it down.

I have little or no enthusiasm to get on top of this at min

JAN 2015

Well its a new year and am going to try and keep up this blog every month or more with how I am getting on with my diabetes. If it helps any one then that will be good but if not I know it will help me.

Well I have had Christmas and have totally […]

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Well what can I say.

Was a bit fed up that my medication increased even though I told them I wasn’t taking it properly and asked if we should wait till after next HBa1c test but no increased my metformin to 4 x 500 mg a day. It wasn’t till I got my prescription that […]

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I went for my Hba1C test at beginning of January and went back the week after for results and wasn’t a shock when it had gone up.

It was a new diabetic nurse as well. She has put up my metformin and to come back in 3 months for another test.

My aim […]

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December 2013

Well December has come and gone so quickly

December has been a much better month for me

I have found someone who I have been very honest with about my D etc and they have helped no end not by criticizing but very supportive as well as putting points across for me to think about. […]

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November 2013

wow I have just noticed I haven’t done blog for 7 months.

right where do I start:

The last few months have gone quite quick but I have been so down not all diabetes but it hasn’t helped. I also haven’t taken tablets as often as I should but who cares has been my thought


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March 2013

Its the beginning of the month and i have been to gym and also enrolled in a six week weight loss prog

I am getting a pill mate to carry tabs so I start taking proper

Lets see what happens

February 2013

this month seems to be a blur

the main points I remember is that my weight is yo yoing all the time, good one week and bad the next.

I keep forgetting to take my tablets

my gym is non existant.

I NEED my butt kicking to get into gear

January 2013

Well its now beginning of Jan and have weighed myself to realised that I have put on 10lb but will publish my weight next week when i weigh for the group club.

I am looking at recipes to cut out the pasta rice and bread and to try and eat more protein. and the gym […]

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December 2012

Well its now december and still cant shake this downer i am in. at least I am taking my med all the time and nothing else.

the best thing is that i have had 11 days off work so got chilled a little till i got phone call to

see if i can work = […]

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