Bleeding cats and phlebology phun

It’s annual blood-letting time again. Where I live, this is a celebration that usually involves the exchange of greetings with numerous healthcare workers, a pilgrimage, a game of hide and seek, and a half-day holiday from work.

This year is looking promising. Unusually the first greeting was from my GP. A nice card… well, form… […]

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So far off topic it’s untrue

In the forum, I was reading with some sympathy Claire’s natural concerns about development rates of babies and was prompted to revisit a discarded pile of words sitting rotting gently in a forgotten corner of my computer.

Let me explain: back in the pre-diabetes days when I was a real person I had […]

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Supermarkets could revolutionise the NHS

Supermarkets should be available on the NHS.

How many millions of pounds does the government spend on insulin and Metformin and other stuff to bring people’s blood glucose down when the supermarkets will do it for free?

I don’t know what it is about supermarkets exactly, but of all my life experiences, a visit to […]

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A first blog

This blogging lark is new to me. I never really wanted to be a blogger. First, I tended to assume no one in their right mind, except possibly researchers in an obscure part of the psychology department of Stanford University, would want to read the ramblings of an irreverent, lunatic, mini-MPV-driving, dog-owning, suburb-dwelling, middle-class, middle-aged […]

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