Diabetes Myth #5 – The Diabetic Diet

Of course one of the main concerns of a newly-diagnosed diabetic is food. What can and can’t I eat? What should and shouldn’t I eat? As previously discussed, many people start off with “avoid sugar” but of course there is more to it than that.

Dietary advice in the UK stems from the British Dietetic […]

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Diabetes Myth #4 – Cures

Not a week goes by without me seeing someone claim to have a cure for diabetes. Its odd because considering there are 2 million diabetics in the UK, you would have thought it would have made the news.

Except of course that it hasn’t made the news because its nonsense.

There are a number of […]

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Diabetes Myth #3 – Calories Count

I’ve written about this before, but I can’t do a series on diabetes myths without mentioning calories since they may be the biggest con and/or misconception in nutrition.

We are regularly told by health authorities, food manufacturers and the media that we need to eat a calorie controlled diet. But why?

A calorie is a […]

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Diabetes Myths #2 – Its all about sugar

I remember at one point when I was a kid my mother saying “if you eat too many sweets you’ll be diabetic” or something along those lines. Its one of those “everyone knows” things which isn’t actually true. These days, more people are aware that its not true, but there is a general perception among […]

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Diabetes Myths #1 – Its your own fault

This is the first in a series of blog posts about the most common diabetes myths.

This is something you see all the time in the media, in general news reports, newspaper articles and the implication is everywhere, even if the words aren\’t. Type 2s are made to feel like its their own fault they […]

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The T2 "You don't need to test" Myth

The T2 "You don’t need to test" Myth.

There were 2 studies published in 2007 and 2008 which appear to be used as the main justification for the claim "you don’t need to test" in relation to Type 2 diabetics.  These studies were both flawed in this reasoning and their conclusions incorrect.

The DIGEM study […]

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What is good control?

‘The “under 10 at 2 hours” is old standard NHS advice. It’s what I was told at diagnosis 5 years ago. I think its because we are expected to “Fail” to some extent.

I think the problem is that they have had so many “non-compliant” patients in the past, particularly since many diabetics have been […]

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Securing Against Stupidity

Since I am flying today, I’ve been checking up on the current restrictions for airport security and checking through my hand luggage for any stray items from previous trips.

All very logical, but I am certain that at least 2 people in the queue for security ahead of me will not have done.

I went […]

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Business Travel

Mention going somewhere on business and people immediately think in terms of the exotic and start comparing it in their heads to some form of holiday or short break.


These things are never fun, as anyone who has done a few will tell you. Off to Milan this week for an overnight stay and […]

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Why Counting Calories Makes You Fat

Why Counting Calories Makes You Fat

For years, medical advice and diets have been thrown at us in relation to "calorie control" and for years, people have had great difficulty losing weight with these kinds of diet. A great deal of hardship has been gone through to lose relatively small amounts of weight. Considering it […]

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