The DSF blogs

pen and inkThe wit and wisdom of members of is captured in these blogs . Beyond the interchange within the forum, sometimes there’s need for more expansive sharing of personal experience, to sound off or simply to stray off topic.

Here you will find two sections: the blogs are pretty self-explanatory. View them in order of posting or click on the name of an individual blogger. The Members’ Stories section contains much longer individual diabetic life stories, chapter by chapter. Similarly, see a summary of posts by date or click on an individual’s name.

DSF members can be added to the roll of bloggers by contacting the forum administrators*.

All comments are moderated and must be approved before they appear. This may mean it isĀ  some hours before they appear on site. Don’t waste your time spamming! IPs are noted and spammers may be reported to their internet provider.

*since these blogs were transferred as part of the site restructuring, previous or new bloggers will need an author password. Contact forum admin and ask for this to be set up.