Shopping For Breakfast

Breakfast is always a problem for type 2s because insulin resistance is usually higher in the morning. Having cereal can push your BG up very high and then drop low quickly, potentially causing a crash. This is because your system is slow and overcompensates. It does not start producing enough insulin early enough (or dodgy insulin) and then has a habit of overdoing it so that your BG level falls well below where it started. As a result you can fall to a level which is far too low within about 4 hours. Carbs simply get “used up” far too quickly.

To combat this, you need to find some breakfasts which work. So heres what I do.

Shopping List

1 Microwave bacon tray, 1 plate cover to go with the bacon tray, 1 microwave egg poacher, 1 pack smoked bacon medallions (just the meaty bits), 1 pack of eggs, 1 loaf burgen, 1 tub of cholesterol-reducing margerine/spread (flora pro-activ, etc) 1 pack mushrooms, 1 pack of mixed peppers, 1 pack spring onions, 1 mattesons smoked pork sausage (or alternative chopped meat), olive oil (bottle or spray), one pack stir-fry veggies (lowest carb available)

The microwave gear can be bought at morrisons for under a fiver.

Breakfast 1 – put up to 4 medallions on the microwave bacon tray, cover on top. Nuke for 3 mins. Put between 2 slices of burgen. Done. Optionally, nuke an egg and add it. Alternatively (or as well), a quick spray/tiny splat of olive oil in a pan, throw in some chopped mushrooms, fry for a couple of minutes and add.

Breakfast 2 – Chop mushrooms, peppers, spring onions the night before along with either bacon or sausage. In the morning, throw them in a pan with a little olive oil. Fry till cooked, add 2 eggs to make an omelette. Grated cheese (grate the night before) optional.

Breakfast 3 – Chopped smoked sausage, mushrooms, peppers, spring onions. Oil. Pan. 3 minutes. Done. (do I sound like Gordon Ramsay yet?). Burgen optional.

Breakfast 4 – Bacon or sausage plus stir fry veggies, oil, pan. Fry. Add soy, worcestershire sauce, seasoning, garlic, ginger, 5 spice to taste.

So long as you do some chopping the night before or earlier, when it comes to making breakfast its nice and quick. You can generally get any of these done within 5 minutes.

The protein releases bg slower so it stops you going low for longer. Veggies fill you up and because of their fibre content they will keep you feeling fuller for longer. Burgen is 11 carbs per slice and has a glycemic index approximately half of wholemeal bread. So as a result it hits your BG about half as fast.

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