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September 19, 2011, 4:31am Report to Moderator

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Quoted from Colin
Thanks Alan, In my case weight is the issue. I am only diabetic because of my size, it was explained to me that my pancreas is under immense pressure due to the fat, and if I was to shed a lot of fat that my medication could be reduced because my pancreas would start to perform more efficiently. and I was told that I could go back to being 'Glucose intolerant' if I did shed all my weight. my aim is to shed 15 stone in 3 years. that is my target, I am 32 now and when I hit 35 I want to have a normal weight and be able to do normal things!!!

G'day again Colin.

Let me put it a different way. The fat around your waist has little to do with the fat in your diet. It has everything to do with the carbohydrates in your diet.

As a diabetic - whatever you believe to be the cause of your diabetes - that is doubly true.

The fastest way to get your weight down in a way that will keep it down is to change your way of eating to one tha5t not only reduces your waistline but also reduces both your blood glucose levels and your circulating insulin levels.

With that in mind, please re-consider the suggestions here: Getting Started

But first, read this: Weight Loss

Cheers, Alan, T2 dx April 2002, Australia.
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October 8, 2011, 10:05pm Report to Moderator
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Hello everyone, I am back to give you guy's an update. I have been injecting byetta 5 now since Tuesday and I can confirm that I have no side effects at all, I am on a strict diet of Slimfast shake for breakfast, Waitwatchers 300g meal for dinner and a bowl of veg for tea. My blood sugars have come down from 12.2 to 5.5  
I have managed to lose over a stone so far and am looking to keep the good work going, my DSN mentioned that I am only the second person in the surgery to have byetta, the other person is a female and from what I hear she is suffering from the dredded nausia thing. I was told that in order to remain on the byetta I would need to lose about a stone a month, to justify the cost of the drug. As far as the hunger thing goes, I don't feel as hungry on byetta however I am yet to be put on the byetta 10, which I was told will be after one month of been on the byetta 5. Also one other thing I would like to mention is that my DSN has informed me that the weekly injection will be available in the next couple of months (in Derbyshire) so I can't wait for this as I struggle with needles, my DSN has prescribed me the 4mm needles that apperantly they use in hospitals for newborns, I have a needle fobia as you can tell, also I feel like a pin cushion.
I will keep you all updated with my progress, bye for now  
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October 9, 2011, 12:06am Report to Moderator

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Have you also been testing your Blood sugars Colin?  Sounds like weight is going in the right direction but are the BGs?

In fact we have all moved to our new forum (due to security reasons) and it is here http://diabetes-support.org.uk/diabetesforum/ Please start another thread there, cos it is really interesting.


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Please visit our new forum http://diabetes-support.org.uk/diabetesforum/index.php as this one has closed
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